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Financial Money Times

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Financial Money Times – Scam Review

by David Harris

“Financial Money Times”, by Raena Lynn for Jeff Lerner and with a byline by fake reporter LeAnn Martin and found at, is a fake news ad that goes by the advertorial gimmick for a link posting scam.

Advertorials are duplicitous and utterly contemptible because the site’s design is made to look like some sort of news story.

This infamous scammer tactic is contrived so people might think it’s an actual story on an actual online newspaper.

They want those who fall for this fake news scam to take seriously their ridiculously unsafe con known as the link posting scam.

The link posting scam is a bait and switch con game that usually promises 10 pounds of hype into a 1 pound bag.

Now, only the creators of these scams are the ones who are running it. They are usually the 1% at the top who came up with the scheme.

That would be well known online business entrepreneur Jeff Lerner. In this case he’s the one and 100% because so far no one has really come out and honestly PROVEN they made commissions.

Back to the fake newspaper scam. The “journalist” credited with the byline is not only NOT a journalist, she doesn’t even exist in real life.

Upon a thorough search I found several LeAnn Martins and not one of them were journalists or even writers.

That’s, again, because all this is comes down to self promotion by Lerner to try to fool newcomers desperate to do any kind of easy online work from home business opportunity they can find.

So the fake story goes on to praise the man himself…

Although they only charge $49 dollars to become a member, the upsells usually start as soon as you have joined. What they don’t tell you is that they also charge a monthly fee as well.

You don’t get much for that at all and they will also charge you to set up their already built template website with a hosting fee and domain name charge as well.

I have found so many complaints regarding the training and the high cost of maintaining a website they pre-build for you to begin with.

Their target audience is usually beginners who have practically no experience at internet marketing so they can keep selling them more expensive programs.

Much of the information they provide can be found elsewhere online either for free or far cheaper than the cost of Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle.

The real disappointment is that Jeff Lerner has a decent reputation of running reliable systems, but this one falls really short of the mark.

Jeff is known for running high dollar seminars focusing on internet and affiliate marketing as well as Multi-Level Marketing in luxurious surroundings.

It’s pretty sad that the testimonials found on the presentation page are hired actors through Fiverr to make videos of themselves following a script full of hype.

Even sadder is the fact that Lerner resorted to putting out this fake news “article” to pump up his ego and drive beginners to the scam.

The actual sales presentation video is really long, and for it running so long you would think they would get more involved about the type of business you might be getting into, but unfortunately all they offer are grandiose claims of how much money can be made.

They vaguely mention some type of formula called “T3FP”, and how it can be replicated. That and the claim saying Jeff’s team closes your sales.

He doesn’t mention much about his method of generating traffic nor split testing or conversion optimization or any other details.

You will notice that nowhere in the presentation or the shill fake testimonials will you find any real description of what the work entails nor mention of the prices of the upsells they push on you once you’ve joined.

Any legitimate company usually has an about page with all sorts of information on the business and the type of work you would be doing.

All they offer in terms of payment proof is a photo-shopped PayPal statement screen shot and bank statement, also touched up.

Do not fall for this scam. If you are a beginner, you can find real legitimate online work from home business opportunities anywhere else.

You want to steer clear of Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle if you don’t want to be ripped off by them. We hear the horror stories very frequently.

Many have written to us and lodged complaints in forums about getting swindled for as much as tens of thousands of dollars.

Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle is a very expensive system and resembles a program we’ve previously reviewed called MOBE which we also do not recommend.

We do not recommend “Financial Money Times” nor the highly questionable product this fake news article is pushing, “Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle”, to anyone interested in getting involved with internet marketing or affiliate marketing.

Thanks for reading…

– David



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