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Email Processing Homebiz

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Email Processing Homebiz Scam Review

By David Harris

“Email Processing Homebiz”, found at, is a home business scam claiming you can earn $25 per email processed. Sadly, it’s just another group trying to get your money for nothing – and no refunds offered either.

I say scam because ‘Email Processing Homebiz’ charges you 25 dollars to join. If it was free I would just not recommend it. However, the initial money you spend does not stop there. I will explain as I go in a bit but first the downlow on the lowdown.

This is not a job, but just a variation on the envelope stuffing swindle that’s been around since the post office. Except, in modern times it’s aggressive spamming. It works like this.

What Email Processing Home Biz actually does is teach you how to spam people’s email addresses with the exact ad that conned you into paying the signup fee you paid. If someone does pay the signup fee, then the spam company will hopefully pay you your cut.

The Email Processing HomeBiz takes you through a bunch of standard tricks to excite you into signing up. For example, the ‘breakdowns’ of pay cycles, fake bank statements, phony testimonials and offers of ‘tips and secrets to getting rich’ all work together to make it seem like a legit offer.

If you happen to buy into the program, be warned that they have you agree to not hold them responsible for anything wrong that comes from this venture, including virus infections or other contaminating or destructive malware in their materials.

Email Processing Homebiz also sends you email leads to spam. One of many problems with their practices is that we don’t know how they get those email addresses.

Since you agree to not hold them responsible, there is a chance you could violate the CAN-Spam Act though illegal spam abuses.

To add insult to injury, the leads are pretty dismal with little to no chance of making a sale from any of them. Most likely they’ve been overused and burned out. So you end up buying more leads, wasting more money.

Don’t you dare click on the tweet link either. It is not really a tweet but another offer. This one asks for your twitter login and password so beware!

“Email Processing Homebiz” is a shameless racket preying on those who are desperate for a chance to work from home. There are plenty of folks who haven’t been taken yet, so Email Processing Homebiz will keep their awful scheme going.

I do not recommend “Email Processing Homebiz”.

Thanks for reading…

– David


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SansooTiger on :

Thanks for your candid review, David. I wish more people like you would band together to disclose and expose those lousy, petty theives that do absoultely nothing for our country but to prey on ignorant individuals. It would be great if there were a large, central scam exposing website where anytime a “too good to be true” offer or “opportunity” would arise, one could simpy go to that website and search for it, even to the extent of requesting for someone to review it for the purpose of exposing it. Keep up the good work!

Great, more people need to be educated. I did come across one very legit looking system, I bought into assuming that I was going to be reviewing information and age verification. Just another eps scam.
Thanks for your article

Thank you for the heads-up. Much appreciated. I was worried that it was a scam. No real product. You get paid for people signing up. Who knows where the leads come from, so you could get in trouble for sending out unwanted emails (spam). All of this is illegal as far as I know. I guess they are not responsible if you get in trouble for doing what they suggest. Too bad no one can seem to run a legitimate business that one can do from home. They always turn out to be scams. After your name, David, there is a list of 5 work at home businesses that are recommended. Are they ones you recommended or ones this website recommended? Again. thanks for your help.


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