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Amway Scam Review

by David Harris

“Amway” by Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel, found at, is the mother of all mlm’s – which is one way of putting it.

Amway has been around longer than any other multi-level marketing business opportunity both on and offline, and they will most likely outlast them all despite their horrible past and present notorious reputation.

All those people who have been stuck with garages full of crumbling Amway products may grudgingly agree with this if they didn’t return their unsold products. Many have complained of their return policy as being shady.

Amway’s products are made in Michigan, India and China, yet they’ve been previously banned from doing business in China and other countries including India and parts of Europe.

Some of the troubles Amway has brought on itself include a few lawsuits including the one in which Procter and Gamble got a settlement of $19.25 million in the 1990s due to distributors who spread rumors that the P&G CEO practiced Satanism and placed Satanic symbols on their products’ logos.

Amway also settled for $45 million Canadian dollars with Canada on charges of tax evasion and customs fraud, and in 2010 they settled a class action lawsuit against them on charges of wire fraud, mail fraud, and being a pyramid scheme. The settlement was for $150 million dollars. These are just a few of Amway’s many legal problems worth mentioning.

However, I’m sure you want to know if this is a business opportunity you should get involved in. The answer is a definite no. For one, the tactics they use are along the same lines as brainwashing and the atmosphere in the meetings can be described as cultish.

They talk up a storm about how rich you will become through “direct selling”, and encourage you, as a salesperson, to buy thousands of dollars of overpriced products and ineffective “success tools” and then persuade you to recruit others to do the same in an endless chain scheme that can only end in near, if not total, financial ruin.

Normally, we don’t recommend MLM as a business venture, as 99% who try it fail. However, due to the many fraud and ethics issues Amway has, there is no choice but to call it a scam. Not to mention that there is never a good financial outcome for you. Stay away from this train wreck as far as humanly possible.

I do not recommend “Amway”.

Thanks for reading…

– David


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I am very disappointed by this review. I had hoped I had found a site that would give valid reviews. Although I am not building an Amway business now. I was involved with the company previously and much of the above information is totally false. For instance, no one needs to have crumbling products in their garage as all products are returnable (even return shipping is free) and I’ve been to the manufacturing plant in Michigan – they definitely make products in the USA. It is a MLM and therefore very hard to make a profit, but your informaiton is wrong.
I will not be relying on your other reviews since this one appears to have just read the false information out on the web.

I double checked sources and sure enough, their return policy has been blasted many times by many unhappy customers. While some Amway products are indeed made in Michigan, they also have products made in China and India. My information was not wrong.

David Harris has done a stellar job at simplifying a complete fog, a bombardment if you will, of greed distilled. I was not an Amway “member” but had my reputation crucified for two decades and equipment broken by the local Amway hotshot. Through a church bible study program I was invited many times to a fire at the beach or similar, and wondered why I heard the word “loser” whispered over and over. It couldn’t be me, after all, they were flattering me so much. Well cut to the chase, it was me. And all these years later, turns out the Amway guy and his church targeting minions aren’t the rich people they thought they’d have become. People still say “loser” but it’s not directed at me. :-)

I forgot the most important question: When is 99% failure/loss a “business opportunity”? 99%? Serious. That’s a cruel joke to call 99% failure any kind of opportunity. Oh, now I get it. It’s an opportunity for the 1%. Gotcha.


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