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A to Z Cash System

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A to Z Cash System Scam Review

By David Harris

“A to Z Cash System” found at is yet another scam by the folks who brought you Income Infuser and Easy Cash On Demand System. Both were terrible scams claiming outlandish statements that you can make thousands of dollars per month using their system.

The basic problem with “A to Z Cash System” is that they say they will help you earn lots of money by working online from your home. However, they do not tell you what it is you will be doing to earn thins income, even though you may not have any skills to do so.

One of the many other issues I have with A to Z Cash System is that they didn’t even bother to change the old names throughout the website – they are still called by the old scam names. Maybe they figure people either have short memories or newbies won’t check.

Then there are the fabricated endorsements with stock photos you can find in stock photo websites. These testimonials have also been put up from their old scam sites with the company name changed to fit A to Z Cash System, except they forgot to change it elsewhere on the page, including the disclaimer!

A to Z Cash System uses every trick in the book including the fake checks and ‘bank statements’, the phony working mom and a countdown clock to pressure you into signing up for their last spot available.

I find it interesting that ‘A to Z Cash System’ lists what they are NOT, including MLM, pyramid scheme, bogus data entry scam, envelope stuffing rip-off, and rebate processing scam. I will tell you what kind of scam it is – an affiliate marketing scam.

The trouble starts with you giving A to Z Cash System your telephone number for the free phone consultation offered on the web site. They’ll swarm you with calls from aggressive salespeople so good they’ve been known to talk people into spending thousands.

The chances of getting ripped off by this company are very high. The registration fee of about twenty dollars is just the beginning of the nightmare if you do sign up with A to Z Cash System.

I do not recommend “A to Z Cash System”.

Thanks for reading…

– David


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A to Z cash sys. Is definitely a Scam. Usually I do not by anything off the internet because of scams like this but I was looking for a way to make more money. I found it through Google. I had no idea what it was but I was interested and skeptical at the same time. Advertising a “one time” fee of $4.97 I said what the heck is only $5.00. Boy was I wrong! The product they sale is info about Facebook and Google advertising which is also free on the websites they speak of. There is a ridiculous amount of crappie power point videos that are time consuming by design. When I paid the $4.95 there was a very very small print at the bottom that said that they’d charge and additional $77 in 3 of non cancellation. This I missed! When I got my bank statement I saw the charge and called the number. When you call they advertise a totally different website. What they do is hurry to offer you a cancellation so that you can get back in to poke about the website. They’ll off you $40 back. I asked to speak with a manager she told Ann Berlin was not in. I asked to be transferred to another manager there isn’t one then encouraged me to call back. I asked if there was a voicemail in place she told me to call back. I knew then it was a scam, No kind of management and just call back! I tried contacting Smartwebcontent the company that shows on the bill they’re number is exactly the same even though I was told by the agent its a separate company that’s they’re merchant. Get this the 888*817*3484 rings to (407)*288*4014 U.S number. A Tmobile number. Its all a crock, ppl pls do not scam yourself.

Christine Richardson on :

I too also signed up for A to Z cash systems, thinking it was a legitimate work from home company as a friend sent me the link. While I was on the website, I read many comments by people saying that they use the system and it works. I paid the $4.97, which was “discounted” from almost fifty bucks. I thought it was strange to have to pay, but thought maybe people pay for training kits. As soon as I signed up and paid, there where all these advertisements about complimenting my training package, all costing different dollar amounts. Then when I bypassed those offers, I was allowed on the membership page, only to see that it was tutorials on how to market through google, facebook, and other websites. I didn’t need the service at all, so planned on cancelling. Well I didn’t cancel fast enough, because after three days of my “trial” period (I did not know I paid for a trial period, I thought I paid for a kit) they charged me $77! I paid through my paypal debit card, and was highly upset, as I can not afford $77, and did not have $77 in my paypal account or bank account. I called the company (866 888 6080) and requested for them to cancel my account and give me a full refund before the transaction completed. They told me to wait for a refund email in 24 hours.

I certainly did not trust them, but I also cannot afford a stop payment from my bank. Two days later, no refund email, the transaction is completed and I am overdrawn in my bank account and now have to eat a fee of $35 from my bank. So I called the company again today and told them I have waited two days for a refund email and didn’t receive it, and told them I will dispute the charge. About 20 minutes later, I get an email with a refund ticket. I click on the link to see my refund ticket on the website, and it says I have to be logged in to see it. No problem, I used my log in information that they sent me when I signed up. Only there is a problem, it is an invalid user name and password. So I use my email address and a password that I usually use. Invalid email and password. So, I request a password lost email. Wait 45 minutes, no email…

I’ve just received the email as I was typing this, but it is too late for them on my end. I filed a dispute with paypal and the dispute is in process. I also cancelled my paypal debit card and ordered a new one, since this company has my debit card information.

I planned to complain and add my comments to the other user comments on the webpage that I signed up through, but now the website has been marked as “harmful” and my browser has blocked it. I truly hope word gets around before it is too late for other people and they get charged this insane amount.

Thank- you. I am really young trying to support my parents, I can’t afford a scam. You all just saved me !!!!

Needed to see this. Thanks for the reality check. Times are hard, people are desperate.

Sara Mueller on :

Thank you so much! It looked legit. I found out they have 2 other scams that got shut down before this: one is cash on demand. The pictures are stick photos for the testimonials, and Kim Schwartz is on 5 other websites, with misspellings of her name! Ridiculous.

Incredible! The name Kim Schwartz says she lives in my home place, Jayuya PR.. Im looking right now if i have a new neighbor who o still don’t know. .

if you notice all their comments are posted within two days only and no comments after that this is another way u can tell its a scam usually you will see a comments today then another one 2 days later sometimes it take up to a week after,to sew another comment not all of them in two days in a row

Okay, I think these scam reviews are getting a little over the top. First off, let me say that I have purchased the A to Z Cash System, and I have actually used it. Most of the scam claims i’m seeing here are about the $77 dollar charge that is stated on the website after the 3 day trial period. So claiming this is a scam for your inability to read the site before purchasing is a pretty weak argument for a scam. Those of you thinking you are going to find the pie in the sky for free are lunatics! To actually make money from home online takes work. So stop searching for these stupid make money at home products charging $49 on the frontend, with 3 upsells on the backend. The reason these scams exists is because too many people are uneducated to what’s really going on online and what it really takes to make some income online. Back to the A-Z Cash System, they actually provide you with quality, easy to understand training videos. If you opted for the cash magnet sites, then you will receive access to multiple, fully completed, wordpress sites that all you have to do is drive traffic to in order to build a list and make sales (that you receive 100%) commissions for. The problem is most people are so desensitized to scams that it has become easier to just throw up the red flag and say things are a scam before actually trying them out. My advice to you newbies looking to make money online, try following directions and work the business before claiming things are a scam. And don’t rely on sites like this, which claim the product is a scam when it’s clear the person has not used the product. Keep in mind that most review sites are purely designed to drive traffic to offers and not to relate valuable information to the user.

Chad S., fake name of course, is a scammer himself. The only one ever to say something positive about a scam is the scammer.

Chad is a liar. The program doesn’t work. And when you ask about customer service it’s not there. He’s only saying it’s not a scam because HES one of the scammers behind the system. I’ve seen his post EXACTLY WORD for WORD on 2 other scam review sites for this system. He’s trying to promote it so that he came make more money off of the hardships of others. He’s nothing more than a parasite.

Barb Mullings on :

I wish I would of found this page before I was scammed by them (A to Z Systems/ I believe this to be a scam due the fact they didn’t teach me anything I haven’t already learned surfing the web and I found no viable income source. I could of handled it for the original $4.97 charged but when they hit my C.C a week later for $77.00 I had to demand a refund and help spread the word about their underhanded practices. Thanks for helping spread the word about these guys although they still catch a few of us, these reviews help when found in time.


AtoZ systems is definitely a scam and Chad must work for them because everything he’s saying is a load of crap! I found atoz systems from a site called panda research, they give you money to read emails and sign up for different products. Never did I think they would refer me to a scamming site. I paid the $4.97 and then about a day later at like 3am my bank contacted me about suspicious charges to my account of $77! Once I settled that with my bank, I tried calling the number and it was disconnected! So I went online to contact someone and once I mentioned “this is scam! There was an unauthorized $77 being charged to my credit card” they disconnected the conversation! Next time I will do my research before I give a company my money! I’m sure there are ways to make money online or from home but this is definitely not the one.

Only 1 word to describe this company. . . . SCAM, SCAM, SCAM, SCAM, SCAM!!! (ok several words – But you get what I mean. I report to INTERPOL for Int’l website scam. I also reported it to internet fraud dept FBI. I don’t think it will help any. But I feel a little better.

GOD Bless this site’s staff and followers

David J

Thank you to everyone who took the time to leave your feedback. And to David for writing the above article warning us about the scam. I am a mother to three babies under the age of three and I am always looking for stay-at-home jobs because the amount you have to pay these days in childcare is outrageous. Also, there is nothing more rewarding than to raise your own children. If anybody knows of any legitimate work at home jobs, please leave a comment below. Our children are our future, so for these people to pray mostly on mommys makes me sick to my stomach.

The name Kim Schwartz says she lives in my home place, clearwater fl. seems funny how she lives in everyones town/city thats gets the email

They have now come out with a latest marketing strategy called Truth About Cash software, claiming to be an automated binary trading software that can make you super duper rich. If you look at their video, you can see the word BULLSHIT stamped across the page. That’s the clue. It’s bullshit.


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