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0 Star Rating is Correct!!! I joined this company because of their “lead capture system” to “Automate My Existing MLM Business” (this false line of misrepresentation is the 1st thing found at the top of their page advertising this crap)

I wanted a program to help build & promote my network marketing business, NOT their MLM, which this is what this is all about, promoting their MLM business which is getting others to buy their useless junk bogus MLM leads. I called several of these leads & the leads response was, they had no clue about requesting info to start a business.

The false seducing statement ” Automate Your Existing MLM” with our “Lead Capture System” has absolutely nothing to do with promoting another business. It’s only to sucker more people into joining “My Lead Company”.

Once I joined & paid the $99 plus another $25 for a lead package, I immediately realized this was not what I understood their “Lead Capture System” to be. So I immediately submitted a dispute for charges with my credit card company. I thought by submitting a dispute I would be contacted by my credit card company & the merchant to get more details before I would receive a credit/refund. My credit card company credited the $125 back to my account with no questions asked after submitting the dispute.

Now here is the interesting part. My lead company is a Big Bully when you buck their scam. The following content along with my picture is what they created & published (to my domain that I own) linked to their lead capture system:

My name is _______from (city), (state)and I am a thief! I do chargebacks and steal from companies and I do not care.

What a roll model!

Call me at (my phone number) and tell me you hate thieves and I should STOP being a thief!

My email is (my email address)

I’m with (my company name) but DO NOT join me in business as I am a thief and I will probably steal from you too.

o stars –

I concur with doublet. This company has the most unethical business practice I have ever seen in my life. After I had received my first order of leads, I was charged for another set the next week. I did not read the instructions that said it would automatically be charged every week. So I cancelled, but let the second charge go through.

I received no reply emails that said i had to go through support on the site. I did but they kept coming back with sarcastic remarks about people not becoming successful unless they kept getting leads.

About 6 weeks later, I received 3 charges for 3 orders I di not order. They fraudulently charged my credit card with out my permission. Needless to say I submitted a dispute to the credit card company and contacted MyLeadCompany.

I was threatened with legal action from them for the charge backs they received. And a nasty response as well.

I turned this matter over to the Attorney General of my state and they sent the complaint to MyLeadCompany at the address that is listed on their site. Guess what!! It came back as “no such address” “not deliverable”. that in itself should tell you something. If someone can’t produce a legitimate address, then BE WARY. Don’t deal with this company.

I agree with both doublet and Mcoones comments. I joined myleadcompany and purchased their “leads”. After sending flyers to these leads about the program I am trying to make a dollar with 90% came back as not deliveable and I did not receive any clicks on the remaining 10%. A complete waste of time and money. Just received an email from them telling me if I pay them $9.95 I will get 10,000 leads. I won’t be wasting my time

Greg Rhodes United States on :

My lead company are bunch of crooks I’ve already reported them to 4 different authorities, it won’t be long and they will be fined heavily and closed down.

Can you provide any specific details as to why you are reporting “My Lead Company”?
It would be helpful to others to know this.


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