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Virtual Bee Review

by David Harris

“Virtual Bee”, formerly Key for Cash owned by Virtual Solutions and found at, works as a middleman between businesses and data entry personnel looking to get hired.

“Virtual Bee” has the reputation of being on the level. You must register for membership with them first. Then Virtual Bee will give you a set of typing tests to evaluate if your skills are fast and accurate enough to qualify for the work they farm out.

Virtual Bee’s evaluations are very stringent and they are very choosy. There is a high number of applicants entering daily, after all, and they take quality very seriously. Those who pass the evaluation get placed on a very long waiting list for months before getting contacted for securing employment.

Thus the issue becomes a question of supply and demand, which has made Virtual Bee decrease the amount of money they pay out than what they paid under their previous brand name so it becomes a matter of you considering if this much lower rate is worthy of your time.

The rate I mention is now at twenty cents per thousand keystrokes down from eighty cents per. A keystroke equals a character. There are a little less than 2,000 characters so far in this review.

I would go hungry at that rate working for Virtual Bee, especially since the frequency of jobs is very sparse. As it is, you wait for months to even get contacted for one with no guarantee you will get it.

The other ugly information that I have come to acquire is that several members have had their payments withheld and no response was made to their complaints when they met the minimum limit to be paid by the company.

My point is that unless you really love to do data entry and have other means of earning a real living, this is not the kind of work that will make you much money at all. At least it’s free to join “Virtual Bee” domestically or internationally.

This is certainly not a scam, but I do see many weaknesses to their business model and how it relates to my readers who are seeking serious money for their efforts so I do not see how I can seriously recommend Virtual Bee to anyone.

I do not recommend “Virtual Bee”.

Thanks for reading…

– David


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No one should ever expect to make a sustainable living on doing data entry from home. Any job posting or advertisement that says you’re going to make anything more than minimum wage is a scam, plain and simple. Typing/data entry is the most common office skill in the entire world, you and a billion other peole can do it, and there simply aren’t nearly enough jobs out there that want JUST that skill and nothing else. So yes, there are legit data entry jobs, but you’re going to be making pennies doing it, so you need a backup source of income, or just realize that this will be supplemental money at best.
All that being said, I applied for Key For Cash (now VirtualBee) last summer, and just got approved to work a few weeks ago, so it took a good 8 months to start working. Most people I’ve talked to had similar experiences, having to wait many months to start. I had a 100% accuracy rate on my tests, btw. I have a full time job already, so I just do this on my spare time. It’s almost like free money to me, because typing is so mindless and effortless, I even do it during my slow times at work. Just log onto the site and start typing, it keeps a running tab of your keystrokes and money earned at the top of your screen at all times.
So it’s true, you won’t be making money you can live of off, but if you’d like some extra cash that is extremely easy to make, this is a great option in my opinion.


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