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Traffic Brokers Review

by David Harris

“Traffic Brokers”, by Jeff Walker and found at, is an online home business opportunity via CPA, which also includes extensive training that involves being a traffic merchant for websites and advertisers

In exchange for generating traffic that bring together website owners wanting extra traffic revenue and advertisers who need the traffic that is going to those websites, you get paid for the traffic you generate.

Traffic Brokers is a relatively simple concept, but they do provide lots of in depth training videos that actually do educate you well.

The Traffic Brokers method won’t involve needing your own website, blog or big list you have to keep building, nor do you need to come up with ad copy writing.

That doesn’t mean this is some work from home get rich quick scheme. It is far from it.

Traffic Brokers takes time to build up enough to earn the $2500 or so they claim you can make monthly.

The system works, and it is stable, so putting in considerable time and effort will yield worthwhile earnings over time, if you’re in it for a long haul.

If you are in this field for the long of it, you are better off growing as you learn and gain experience, and Traffic Brokers members find their forum full of helpful members and staff who want other members to succeed.

Traffic Brokers offers a $5 one month trial then it goes to about $50 a month. They specialize in constantly updated CPA ad offers from many different top/popular niche markets including games, health and dating sites.

Jeff Walker has a solid reputation in this business and a good head for making money online.

Lots of it, and with Traffic Brokers, he shows you how to esablish a home business each step of the way through clear video lessons.

As I stated earlier, the time you put into Traffic Brokers at first seems long, boring and repetitive with low returns, but it does get easier with time and effort and it pays off in the long run.

The difference between most affiliate marketing businesses and Traffic Brokers is that you’re placing ads out there for affiliate salespeople, but you get paid from traffic activity, not from sales commissions.

This means you don’t have to deal with prospects or closing deals. You simply learn how to send visitors to websites by giving the site owners free affiliate status.

Certainly there are quite involved steps to be followed such as learning how to use basic research methods and determining best ads for clients’ sites then leveraging them, and more.

However, once you set everything in the system up, Traffic Brokers works without much maintenance, freeing more time for you to get more clients.

Traffic Brokers manages their payment system to split revenues between site owner, affiliate member, and you, the broker. They even offer analytics you can update your clients with.

There is a good amount of positive press and customer reviews online about Traffic Brokers and most of them say they have actually made money with them.

Traffic Brokers is a decent way of making passive income, but it will take some time to make it a living. You can put in about 5 or 6 hours of work at home every day and eventually you start making good returns.

Traffic Brokers is a good way to learn the business of brokering traffic and earning as you learn, and Walker is a trusted marketer.

If you can follow along and you get it and stick with it I recommend Traffic Brokers as a good long term home business solution to make money online.

Thanks for reading…

– David


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