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Survey Savvy Scam Reviews

by David Harris

“Survey Savvy” found at, is an online paid survey panel founded in 1999 by Luth Research, a market research company based in San Diego California.  SurveySavvy has 1.5 million panel members from nearly 200 countries, and parent company Luth LLC currently enjoys an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (bbb).

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It’s free to become a member of “Survey Savvy”, and you can participate as long as you are over the age of 14 and have access to a computer.

Survey Savvy rewards their members for completing surveys, referring others, and unlike most companies they also compensate you when people you refer then refer others who complete surveys.

It does take 1-3 months from when your referred referrals complete a survey for you to get paid, but its at least is one extra way to get paid.

It’s still not lucrative, though “Survey Savvy” does pay $2 and up for most surveys.  You only need $1 to “cash out”, which is also different than many companies. 

They currently do not pay by Paypal – another difference between Survey Savvy and other companies – rather they send checks to your address.  (There does appear to be concern from some members that it often takes well over a month to receive the checks – but you do eventually get paid, and Survey Savvy does tell you it takes from 4 to 12 weeks.)

You should always keep your Survey Savvy membership profile updated to increase your chance at qualifying for a survey, but even if you don’t qualify, Survey Savvy enters you into monthly drawings for fifty $10 prizes.  Survey Savvy also will in some cases call you to verify your information or survey answers.

Survey Savvy does seem to have it’s strong points – including comparatively fair compensation and the unique referral program.  The down side appears to be the length of time it takes to wait for your check.

Amongst paid survey companies,  Survey Savvy is a reputable and legitimate company which pays as good as most.  As long as you don’t have inflated expectations as to what that means – as you won’t make a living doing surveys with even the best companies – Survey Savvy appears to be amongst your better choices.

Update:  An update from Survey Savvy in April 2012 warns their members of a scam using their name, and offering a Business Evaluation for a $150 incentive.  They ask you for your contact information to be sent to a different address. Don’t do it.

It’s not them.  Same thing with a Mystery Shopper “offer” that came out in 2011, with the scam requesting you wire them money.  That too is a phishing scam targeting Survey Savvy members.

Again, Survey Savvy itself is a reputable paid survey company.

Paid survey sites like “Survey Savvy” are a hobby at best because one can earn only a very small amount completing them.

I don’t recommend “Survey Savvy” or any get paid to complete survey sites, but if you have to, this one is actually legitimate.

I do, however, recommend “Survey Junkie” because SurveyJunkie is a much better option…

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Thanks for reading…

– David


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