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Survey Junkie

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Survey Junkie Review

by David Harris

“Survey Junkie”, found at, is a free to join survey website that works as a middleman service for marketing research companies looking for consumer opinions in exchange for small gift card rewards and other payment methods. There are a few things to beware of when dealing with services like this.

Unfortunately, there are many complaints lodged online dealing with withheld payments, account cancellations without notice, and other issues I’ll address in a moment.

First, “Survey Junkie” is not really a market research company.

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Lead generation, in other words, data collection and reselling of your data is the name of their game. Survey Junkie gets you to give up as much of your personal information as they can gather under the deception that they need it to match you to surveys you can earn rewards with.

Truth is that “Survey Junkie” will pass along what they collect to those willing to pay for it so those advertisers can send you their own ads and offers by the truckload. Your email inbox, spam box and phone voicemail will soon after fill up with junk from those who bought your info.

Be very careful about what you are agreeing to when you accept the trials and offers Survey Junkie sends you to. Some will have confusing terms that will cost you much money and headaches by not cancelling after a vague amount of time.

Details on various trials and offers are often left out on purpose, or so obfuscated in legal mumbo jumbo designed to make you just agree just so you can get to the task already. Since Survey Junkie is a middleman it is their job to pick out easy meat as their big prey feasts on the huge amounts of data they collect in this manner – not unlike vultures.

There are actual real survey sites online where you can get paid to take surveys directly without all the subterfuge sites like Survey Junkie practices to make their bottom line.

While it is free to join, as I stated earlier, I cannot deem Survey Junkie a scam, but I won’t recommend it either. In my own opinion, any questionable company that uses the slang ‘Junkie’ in its business name or brand should be frowned upon anyway.

I do not recommend “Survey Junkie” because Survey Club is a much better option…

Join Survey Club free here:

Thanks for reading…

– David


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John Nordstrom on :

I just had my account closed with no warning or explanation. They do no owe me but about $25,but I still fell I should be paid for what I have done for them.


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