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Survey Compare Review

By David Harris

“Survey Compare”, found at, is a paid survey site out of London, UK. The parent company is Marketing VF Ltd. which offers the survey site’s services worldwide.

Survey Compare offers you cash to participate in surveys they conduct on behalf of marketing research companies looking for consumer opinions.

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“Survey Compare” assures you from the start that they protect your personal info, unless you agree to share with third party advertisers. Be careful on what you agree to share.

Survey Compare will not obligate you to take any survey they invite you to participate in. You will only receive survey invites and they claim they will not spam you.

‘Survey Compare’ invites you to about four to five invites per month on each panel you choose to serve. The more panels you join the more surveys you get a chance to take.

Although their age limit is sixteen they have occasional surveys for as young as thirteen to fourteen. Fun for the whole family.

There are several ways Survey Compare pays you. Payments like gift certificates and vouchers for Amazon and many others, and PayPal cash deposits vary from survey to survey, and some can pay up to as much as five dollars.

You can make extra cash if you qualify for Survey Compare’s occasional online focus groups and special panels. They do say from the start you won’t get rich doing this but you will earn decent spending money and shopping vouchers.

Survey Compare offers these surveys on behalf of market research companies looking to get consumer opinions. It’s a reputable service and gets many high marks from the companies they service, and I haven’t seen many complaints about them.

“Survey Compare” markets themselves as a “green” company that donates to environmental causes. This might be something important to who support companies that engage in helping the ecology.

While Survey Compare is very upfront about the fact that this will not replace your day job, you can earn extra income and vouchers for holiday shopping while contributing your opinions to help shape product lines. If you enjoy taking surveys, you may enjoy this site.

In most survey sites there is not a lot of money to be made, and some are just generally rip offs, but I will say ‘Survey Compare’ has a bit of integrity. The surveys are usually easy to navigate and don’t take huge amounts of time for your returns.

As I stated, I don’t recommend survey sites in general, but at least you might earn a little something with this one.

I do not recommend “Survey Compare” because Survey Club is a much better option…

Join Survey Club free here:

Thanks for reading…

– David


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Ross Dalrymple on :

These things always seem too good to be true and they usually are. But there is a lot of gullible,stupid,ignorant people out there who believe everything they read and thats what I suspect they are trying to understand,the moron factor. LOL The glowing reviews are obviously written by the company concerned and seems a scam right from the word go. Even if its on the level, youll probably have to download and run something that will comprimise your computer. I wouldnt take on that kind of risk for a few crumbs.

I joined survey compare yesterday, and overnight my antivirus picked up 5 threats – usually it picks up none. Most of it was adware and trackers. I will be unsubscribing.


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