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Survey Club Scam Review

by David Harris

“Survey Club” found at is a free directory of paid surveys websites throughout The U.S., U.K., Canada, and Australia. They monitor survey companies and list the most reputable organizations available. You join to get a subscription to the best survey sites “Survey Club” recommends via email.

By signing with Survey Club you not only get to have all the top paid survey companies at your disposal, but you can join the ones you wish to do surveys with for free as well. Most of these want your opinions online, and some ask you by phone, or in person.

SurveyClub explains in detail what is expected of you in order to become a qualified panelist. They also go into definitions of the different types of surveys, panels, forums, etc., available in the world of survey taking and how the data may be utilized by market research companies.

The main types of studies that ‘Survey Club’ deals with are national and custom panels. National (or general population) market research panels allow anyone within a specific country to participate.

These national panels have a registration process requiring your email address, and basic information before sending you surveys. The companies conducting the studies also let you know how long the surveys may take to complete. Rewards will vary on each company’s surveys.

The market research companies that Survey Club lists want national panelists to remain active in order to keep sending more. When a member becomes inactive, the researchers will usually deactivate them.

Custom studies deal with particular brands or companies so not everyone that applies to join may qualify. You might also sign up too late and the study member seats may be filled. has custom panels for television channels and shows, soft drinks, sports and much more.

Two types of custom panels are blind and branded. A blind custom panel may deal with a specific topic without disclosing company wanting the research, in order to keep the opinions from being biased. Branded custom panels, deal openly with a company’s specific brand or product and the panelists’ uses, likes and dislikes.

Survey Club is sought out by market research companies looking to find people interested in sharing their opinions who are already Survey Club members ready to participate. SurveyClub will then invite members to join the panels via email or members may find them in their accounts on the website.

Survey Club may also conduct its own surveys as well. These surveys pay cash. Other studies’ form of compensation may include cash, prizes, gift cards or sweepstakes contests for participating in the studies.

Survey Club also offers you the chance to be involved in focus groups. Focus groups are surveys conducted in group settings where panelists may discuss the subject matter with each other while being monitored. If you qualify for these and join the panels usually pay between $50 and $200 per hour. While Survey Club may not conduct focus groups, they may help recruit participants. Survey Club is one way to go that may save you some time in finding a lot of online survey sites.

I do not recommend “Survey Club” because it won’t generate enough to quit your day job but it may be more fun for those whose hobby is participating in surveys and studies.

Thanks for reading…

– David


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