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Send Earnings Review

by David Harris

“Send Earnings” is a paid emails/surveys website service company owned by InboxDollars Corp., that provides ways to make a little extra income through reading emails, taking surveys, playing online games, etc.

Send Earnings claims they will pay you $5 just for signing up with them, but it will take a couple months before you see it.

In fact, ‘Send Earnings’ will only pay you 2 cents per email that you read by opening up the paid emails, and “confirm reading this email” links which will take you to the advertisers’ websites that sponsors the emails.

The Send Earnings surveys pay about fifty cents per survey, and there are various rewards for playing the Send Earnings online games. However, the biggest user complaints I’m seeing is that they take a very long time to pay out, AND you have to reach $30 in your account before they release the money.

Many times, after finishing over twenty-five dollars or so worth of emails, the paid emails stop going to your email, guaranteeing Send Earnings never has to pay you a penny.

Under their FAQ page, they vaguely answer by saying they send one email per week and that you need to do more surveys, shop online on the provided links, or play their online games.

What Send Earnings won’t say is that many of these offers require you to pay up front on their advertisers’ sites in order to get the tiny rewards they offer. Often, these sites open up to a multitude of endless offer pages designed to make you give up on the task.

Other complaints I’ve received on Send Earnings is the fact that their system sometimes does not register completed tasks. The online Better Business Bureau has many complaints files against “Send Earnings”.

Is this site a scam? I would say that if you do not value your time and jump through their endless hoops, you might eventually get paid, but the resulting rewards amount to considerably less than minimum wage.

Also, they do not charge you to sign up with them, so in that manner I can’t call this one a scam, but it skirts the definition awfully close.

I don’t recommend “Send Earnings”.

Thanks for reading…

– David


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Overall User Rating:

Overall Rating

14 Comments/Reviews

I have been with Send Earnings for a month, & I am thinking they are a scam! I have not gotten credited with about 17 offers I have cpmpleted. They keep saying it takes up to 4 weeks, well I am just about there. I have chatted with them about my concerns. Also, it seems that I am stuck on 27 dollars, no matter what I do!

I am having the same problem with sendearnings!! I am less than $1 away from my $30 cash payout amount & they refuse to pay me for a $10 offer that I have proved over and over that I signed up for over a month ago. After countless emails with my account info and showing emails from the website I signed up with they still refuse to credit me. Now they are telling me that I either did not sign up through their website, or I used a different email address.

I too am having difficulties collecting from Send Earnings. I completed an offer to apply for a Discover It card back in February. I was supposed to be paid $20 for it. They tell me I have to have a welcome/approval e-mail from them in order to collect, however I was not sent one. I was approved over the phone after having to send copies of a couple documents and the welcome came in a letter with my card. I did a print screen photo of a message from them stating I was approved on February 21st but they refuse to accept that. I called Discover for help but was told they could not send such an e-mail to me. Makes me wonder if there is some kind of collusion between them.

Finally make the $30 mark with extended to $40 for extra 30 days to earn $10 and received check. Like others, the tough part was after $25. My credits did not appear or earned credits were taken afterward.

I have been with them for 7 years. If you are smart, and pay attention, you can earn. I have been paid several times. I will not get rich, but the extra cash is nice, now and then. The cash searches, videos and surveys do earn me money. Thanks.

I do a lot of searches, videos, emails, etc. I have recommended many people, too. I run my computer, phone and pad at the same time, on many sites. I cash out about every 50 days, with the $40. Inbox dollars is the same. Both are legit, been with them since 2008. I have had no issues.

I’m new to Send Earnings & so far so good! I’ve been credited for every task and offer I’ve completed. Make sure U always delete your cookies before doing offers. Also, I would recommend using the Firefox Browser. This browser is geared more towards crediting offers. I’m also currently a worker & employer for Microworkers. They pay twice a week & you only have to reach 9 dollars to cash out. I average between $7-$15 a day as a worker & between $15-$50 dollars a day as an employer.

I am at $22.35. Any peanut lab survey I take that says I’m qualified, immediately redirects me to a page that says I’m not qualified. I can no longer get credit for apps I do load or offers I complete. I have contacted them multiple times.

Hey guys. It sounds like many of us are in the same boat. Sendearnings is a SCAM, and I am going to make sure that I get the word out every chance I get. Social Media, Twitter, Facebook, Skype, etc I am 9 dollars away from reaching my gold membership of 30 dollars. I am constantly redirected and disqualified. When I spoke with Sendearnings customer service rep, I was accused of completing surveys at other sites, which is not true. I have been working exclusively for Sendearnings. I am angry because I was robbed of my time. I trusted this company and SCAM is the end result. As diligently as I worked to complete those surveys, I will diligently share my experience with everyone. SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM!!!!!!!


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