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Product Report Card

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Product Report Card Review

by David Harris

Product Report Card, by SoftLayer Technologies Inc and found at, is a product testing and evaluation service that offers consumer participation through product testing and trial offers.

The website operates as the medium for consumers to be able interact with the company.

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Product Report Card reviews products and pays consumers for their honest opinions, reviews, and ratings of the products they use regularly.

Their methods of payment include PayPal, Amazon Gift Card, or a check in your name.

Product Report Card is free to join and is available worldwide in a mobile app, which more people are using than on computer browsers.

Minors can participate, but they are not allowed prepaid Visa cards.

Only one member per household can join. You get a whopping $3 dollars just for filling out the personal information questionnaire after signing up.

There are hardly any complaints lodged online about Product Report Card, and they only have one keyword for the whole entire site so it’s not super easy to find unless that’s exactly what you’re searching for.

Product Report Card strives to report unbiased reviews on products everyone buys on a regular basis. They offer ways to make money by taking part in their studies.

Upon signing up Product Report Card offers you tasks that correspond to the personal information you entered about yourself, which is better than many sites that have you take random surveys and panels only to find out you don’t qualify halfway through.

Product Report Card monitors incoming and outgoing payments internally. This means, they will deposit your earnings into an account on their site.

Also they return your cash back in the account when your trial ends on products you buy to try out through the Product Report Card site.

Their credo includes realizing that user reviews are important because it is consumers’ views that help make a product more successful than expert advertising in many cases.

Product Report Card gives consumers a chance to evaluate and air their views on the qualities both good and bad of products they try out.

It’s all done in a scientific way though questions that measure relevant criteria.

The only downside I experienced is waiting for a product I would qualify for.

Product Report Card trials for me were infrequent, to say the least, but they are dependable in payouts and returns.

While it’s more than I can say for the majority of survey studies sites, I don’t recommend Product Report Card as a way to make anything substantial.

However, if you like trying out products for extra change once in a while, it could make for an interesting hobby.

I do not recommend “Product Report Card” because Survey Club is a much better option…

Join Survey Club free here:

Thanks for reading…

– David


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