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Type of Business: Paid Surveys
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Income Potential: $10+ per month
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My Survey – Business Review

My Survey found at is not a scam. It’s one of the larger, legitimate, free consumer research companies in the United States. They have been in business since 1946, and have operated online since 1995.

This is not to say it’s necessarily a good income opportunity. If you are looking for a way to make a decent amount of money, surveys aren’t going to be your optimum route.

The reputable companies will even tell you this, as does “My Survey”.

For your service as a consumer volunteer with My Survey, you will receive Reward Points, which you can redeem for small amounts of money through Paypal. You can also get other items like gift cards, e-certificates or you can donate your earnings to charity. You would also be entered into sweepstakes with a chance to win more prizes or cash.

Basically you get $10 for 1,000 earned Reward Points, which you get through filling out surveys or referring friends. You can expect to get one survey every 1-2 weeks, and each survey you qualify for can get you from 5-200 points. The shorter the survey, the less points you generally get.

So if you got the “high end” of one survey every week at the maximum 200 points (which of course is not what generally happens), It would take you five weeks to get your minimum “cash out” of $10.

If you refer someone to My Survey and they complete their registration, you get 150 Reward Points. Which equals one dollar and fifty cents.

I’m sure you can see that My Survey is not the best way to any real money. It’s not a scam – there are certainly people who enjoy sharing their opinions, and they can make $10 a month or so plus a chance to get lucky in sweepstakes drawings. Plus it’s free to sign up with My Survey… and all reputable survey companies.

If you don’t qualify to complete a survey, you get a sweepstakes entry. I wouldn’t count on winning a sweepstakes as a source of income though.

If you want to have a hobby filling out the occasional survey, then My Survey is close to on par with all the other reputable survey companies.

If you want to make decent money online, “My Survey” is definitely not for you.

Thanks for reading…

– David


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This is actually one of my favorite survey companies. Although you won’t get rich they are on of the few companies that still send out things for you to try and then take surveys on. Shampoo, toothpaste, lotions etc. I enjoy doing those and they always give a good amount of points for doing those. They also are the only company where I qualify for more than I don’t. I’ve found that when you get above 55 the amount of surveys you qualify go down surprisingly fast. I still qualify for the majority of their surveys.


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