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Melaleuca – Business Review

by David Harris

“Melaleuca”, by Frank VanderSloot and found at, is a multi-level marketing health and beauty aids company that focuses on recruiting downline recruiters more than selling its product. It would just barely brush the border of a pyramid scheme if it wasn’t for the actual product being there.

Stating right from the start that I could not throw a cyber rock two virtual feet before finding a multitude of complaints, rip off site reports, and negative reviews about Melaleuca, its cult like reps and allegations of the product being unsafe.

These can be red flags to be wary of, but mostly, the primary issue we have with businesses like Melaleuca is that the majority of people that get involved in mlm business “opportunities” never succeed at them, and Melaleuca is no exception.

Many complaints about Melaleuca deal with sales team misrepresentations when trying to recruit people, but some of the most disturbing issues registered online have been of actual unauthorized charges made to the credit card people used to get involved with the company.

Money spent with no forthcoming products was the next most daunting issue I found complained about by enough people for it to be worrisome. Next problem was Melaleuca reps taking the money and calling it a consulting fee after they told you initially it was to buy your first line of product.

Then there are grievances about people cancelling their involvement with Melaleuca, yet still getting charged by them on their cards for months and months after.

Several of the Melaleuca products actually list warnings of being hazardous to your health, as well as danger of toxicity. Melaleuca Reps are told not to say Melaleuca products are non-toxic, but to say they are non-caustic. This is more an issue of integrity.

However you slice it, Melaleuca is definitely not a business we recommend. Not at all in any way whatsoever.

Thanks for reading our Melaleuca Review…

– David


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Carlosramses23 on :

2/2 .. When opening your membership with the company, they will ask you if you are aware of the back up order, how it works, why it exists and that you only receive it if you forget to order any given month. Its a failsafe for your membership benefits. If you want to cancel, CALL AND CANCEL your membership it wont magically cancel itself!
Anyways. Love the products, love the business model, might try to help expand this company. Im all for natural biodegradeable products and this company nails it with quality in product and service. Carlos Ramses, Temecula, CA

Carlosramses23 on :

Damn, ive read a few reviews on a few companies and this is by far the worst one. Do you just read negative comments on the internet and come up with a conclusion? Ive been a customer for almost a year and am really considering building a business with Melaleuca. My mom has been with the company for 3 years and made $110,000 her first year with the company. How? Well first off, Melaleuca is focused on building a relationship with customers, there is no “downline” in this company. They dont focus on generating more “downline” to build the business. Melaleuca states over and over that this company is a marketplace, before its a business. 80% of the people in Melaleuca are customers only, such as myself, such as the majority of the people in my mothers “downline” as you say. The products are indeed “non caustic”, would you rather inhale fumes of ammonia or thyme extract? I love the products and i love the 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with a product, the company sends you your money bacm, no questions asked, ive experienced this first hand with their shampoo, i wear pomade in my hair and it didnt clean it as effectively as head n shoulders, know what i did? I simply stopped buying the shampoo and continued purchasing my fiber, protein, lotion toothpaste, mouthwash and everything else. The “recurring charges” are called back up orders, which my girlfriend received for not cancelling her membership before the end of the month. She was cancelling her membership due to us moving in together, and Mela has a “one membership per household” policy (not a ‘sign everyone up and make a buck’ system, if there are 2 memberships for one address they will call and ask whats up). She receives her back up order, calls the company and explains she meant to cancel her membership. The company asked her to return the products, full refund, membership cancelled, no recurring costs 3 months later. I can see that people may see the back up order as the “scam” part, but when you find out why it exists and that you can get a refund if you were to receive one, it’ll make sense. People think that the company will just “cancel you” by not purchasing and that is true, but after a back up order, it will consider you inactive, and eventually cancelled. So if you want to cancel, dont be lazy, reach out to your enroller, or call the Melaleuca customer line and theyll take care of you. I want to build a business because ive seen my mom make good money with the company, and do it through hard work and honesty. Ive heard of customers cancelling on her only to be back a few months later as the products are amazing, atleast in my own experience.
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