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Max International

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Max International – Business Review

Max International, by Steven K. Scott and found at, is a multi-level marketing company with a line of health products as its excuse from being an outright pyramid scheme. This company has had more than its share of scandals, lawsuits and complaints about leadership that would reflect dubiously on it being a viable business to invest in.

The products sold through Max International have also had their share of controversy as well. Add to their troubles a fair amount of false advertising about their product, and shady money management and accounting to help you begin to see the picture.

Scientists contend that although Max International claims it has been clinically tested and proven sound, the company has not disclosed satisfactory results. Other researchers have stated that the product containing a glutathione accelerator is no more effective than getting a healthy amount of glutathione just by being out in sunlight.

Studies have found that too much of the Max International supplement is harmful to the liver. The diet pills they sell have been known to make people sick. To be fair, they are trying to come up with better products, and are more careful with their packaging since the major leakage issues with their skin care lotion.

Membership costs $49 to join. You can buy the products and resell them, or you can recruit others and be compensated from their sales. The product can be found elsewhere for half the price. Unless you gouge your customers with exorbitant prices, profits will not be very substantial.

No matter how you look at it, mlm, or multi-level marketing, is a business of meager returns for those involved in the lower rungs of the ladder. Those lower rungs are filled with about 99% of the people involved in most mlm businesses. Max International is no different from any other mlm businesses. The business model is a losing proposition and we almost never recommend it here.

However, due to all the problems I kept finding in my research of Max International, I recommend it even less now. Not that I would have recommended it before anyway. Even with the big celebrities, whose names I won’t mention, getting paid to push this mlm.

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My experience with this company was nothing short of disbelief with lack of scruples and unprofessional behaviour. Their website is deceptive by omission, leaving customers unaware that their credit details are used for ongoing shipment of products on a monthly basis. Try and complain and they will add extra orders to your name leaving you to send them back and months later only be refunded 90% of product ( due to restoclking fee !) and minus shipping. Do yourself a favour and STAY AWAY , they are bad news. Morally corrupt.

I love the products and have had the best winter in 15 years Health wise…. I notice a big difference in my energy and was not sick once all winter.. and have and my strenghth and over all health is better..

Okay, great to hear. How much money have you made with this? My guess, not much, else you would have mentioned that too.


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