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by David Harris

“Jeunesse”, also known as Jeunesse Global, by Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray, found at, is a Health and Beauty Aids company that uses multi-level marketing as its business model.

In other words, Jeunesse ‘distributors’ are encouraged to recruit as many people for their downline as they can get, not focusing much attention to the actual product sales.

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I won’t really delve too much into the actual self proclaimed anti-aging products Jeunesse provides the MLM marketers to entice new recruits.

I also won’t get too much into the multiple patent infringement cases filed against Jeunesse and its owners either, but they have been taken to court.

I can say that their rather overpriced product has widely mixed results from users of the Jeunesse skin creams and juice cocktails who have reviewed their products.

I can say that the amount of complaints about the product outweigh the so called ‘positive praises’ that obviously look as if they were written by Jeunesse distributors to offset the many complaints registered online.

I can also say that most people working almost any multi-level marketing company as a startup distributor late in the game will experience results of 97% to 99% failure rates and Jeunesse is no different.

The amount of money you must invest in fees, sales kits, advertising, marketing and promotion, etc., to sell the Jeunesse goop will leave you in the red, and make the top 1% their cushy takes.

Before you even think about trying this multi-level marketing scheme, consider that, while you can get a 30 day refund, that refund from Jeunesse does not include shipping charges and there are several hoops to jump through correctly to qualify for a refund.

While that may not be a deal breaker for some, it could end up costing hundreds, if not thousands of dollars depending on which level you came in on.

I will not recommend Jeunesse as any kind of viable way to earn a living if you don’t have a huge list of blindly faithful followers who will buy anything from you. Even then, I won’t recommend Jeunesse either.

Thanks for reading…

– David



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Anyone who actually studies his claim (, though, will note that he claims a nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize (which would not be given for medical research, while the Nobel Prize for Medicine would), then goes on to say that it is a nomination for Nobel Prize in the area of stem cell research (which does not exist as a category).
Kind regards
Dag Kühle-Gotovac
Head of Administration
The Norwegian Nobel Institute

Hello David.
It’s really nice of you to take the time to answer everything. Have you heard of doTerra oils? What do you think of their products? They’re a MLM business. Thank you.

This company wants you to be a distributor. However, they market their products and sell on Amazon at the same cost they offer to distributors leaving no room for markup. They suggest you can sell one bottle of LUMINESCE™ CELLULAR REJUVENATION SERUM for $130 yet you can buy two on Amazon for $92 with free shipping. The start up fees are high. The shipping is even worse. One shipment of instantly ageless will cost you Amazon Prices and an $11 shipping charge. Definitely a scam.

Donna Butlerhall on :

Hi David, I have just been contacted after trying to find a legitimate work from home business. I was keen to look into this and give it a try, but reading your comments I am now having second thoughts. Some others are saying that this is not a scam, I am happy to try and new products and sell them but wish not to get hooked up into a pryamid selling. The link I am listening to talks about selling the actual product not pryamid. Heavly confussed!! Hope you can help wihit more information.

maxvasquez on :

Donna, while the products offered may be fine and dandy, usually the mark-up is at least 2 or 3 times what is on the market shelves, so your profit margin is not that big. But that is not the focus of our concern. The MLM recruitment and its 99% failure rate is.

Don’t remember the actual website, but I went away for one week (May 28th – June 5th) I received 5 boxes ,
3 different types of anti ageing creams but none of them have a phone #. Or paperwork except 1 the paperwork says Jeunesse Medica but the product is Regenere. The phone # given (877-285-0845) was just to get you to try other products at the end they gave this # 800-712-6600, which is free 411. I also revived “brio” no info just 2 bottles. Last I got “allegro, 3 bottles all for different applications” no info provided & I’m afraid they are going to charge me $$$$$$$$$$ for these things which I didn’t order. They are all anti aging related , I have no clue of what to do because I can’t call them to ask . Can you help, or give me advise ? I am grueling greatful. Thank you

maxvasquez on :

Teri, talk to the sponsor who got you in or lookup their website for a corporate phone number

Piotrvasquez on :

Actually they said that employees are not allowed to be part “of the business” so no, they are definitely not trying to get me to buy anything. I’m just a bit afraid of job security because pyramid schemes seem to cycle out and go out of business eventually.

Piotrvasquez on :

I got a job interview with Jeunesse to work at their headquarters in customer service department. Do you think I should run away from this company?? Are they going to eventually go out of business?

maxvasquez on :

ok, here’s what we think might be the deal… that “HQ customer service dept” might be a misleading recruitment jargon for becoming a multi-level marketing agent for them. if you get even a whiff that they might ask you to refer others in your family and friends then, yes, run as fast as you can from them and disown whatever friend tried to rope you into it. However, if it truly is customer service you might as well hear them out, but chances are slim that would be true. Thanks for your inquiry and let us know how it turns out for you!

Dear David,
Thanks that you took your time writing this review about Jeunesse. A friend of mine actually asked me to join Jeunesse, that why I am surfing though the net trying to see whether its good or not. I actually like how you named quite a lot negativ things about Jeunesse. I actually don’t care if I can make money out of it I just want to try the product and become healthy:) I am as alway a bit critical thats why I would want to know some facts. Is it really as horrible as you said? And can you please send me some more facts about the product? Thanks!

maxvasquez on :

Thanks for your inquiry. Our reports focus mainly on the multi-level marketing aspect of any product based company that uses mlm as a marketing business model. The failure rate is invariably 97% to 99% failure rate to to any number of factors too many to list here.The product itself may be of use to you and we do not wish to delve into the quality of product, etc., only the MLM business model.


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