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InstaGC Review

by David Harris

“InstaGc” found at, is a website that offers tasks to do in exchange for points used toward gift cards you can redeem at places like Walmart and Amazon. The site is free to join and open to residents in Australia, Canada, U.K., and the U.S.

Some of the tasks include trial offers, surveys, watching videos, listening to radio, and shopping. InstaGc falls under the category of what’s known as a gpt, or, ‘get paid to’ website.

It is loaded with lots of tasks to do in order to make a modest amount of points relatively quick. One of the most convenient aspects of InstaGc is that it uses an E-giftcards system which means your rewards are sent right to your email inbox.

This electronic system sent through email delivery eliminates many issues other GPT sites have when physically mailing gift cards out. Often, it takes a long time to receive them and sometimes users complain that they never receive them.

However, InstaGC has done away with that hassle and also pays you through Paypal on some of the tasks as well. Navigation through the site is fairly simple, too. It is easy to maneuver around.

There are a variety of gift cards they offer, including Amazon, Walmart, Kmart and more. InstaGC constantly adds new gift cards, so their system is growing. In order to earn the gift card you want you have to do the variety of offers and tasks on the site.

InstaGC uses a system of points. A hundred points total a dollar, and tasks earn you anywhere between 10 to 100 points. It does take quite a few days to earn enough points get a gift card. However, there are no activation fee charges on their gift cards.

There are very few drawbacks with this program worth mentioning. About 10% of people trying to register will be locked out for not having a static IP address. However, it’s a relatively small amount of users.

If you are on a shared IPS (Internet Service Provider) IP address within a network, this may not function for you as it is not allowed for this service. It is actually a good thing as it protects both the user and the company as it’s used to prevent fraud.

Also, their customer service can be a bit overwhelmed by many users needing help so just be patient. As an alternative, they do provide a user forum which has plenty of helpful members willing to guide you through, but support does usually answers very quickly.

The other main issue is that they lock any offer you complete over 225 points for as much as, and up to, two weeks, including surveys that earn you over those 225 points. It may seem like it makes little sense, but it is their policy. My guess it that they need the time to verify the accounts to ensure there has been no fraud.

Just a precaution – if you join through your social media page, like Facebook for example, keep in mind that it is an app, or application, and will want to have you give them all your information on your profile, including your friends list and other data. You can join through your email address if that is an issue for you.

If you like to have hobbies like doing crossword puzzles sedoku and others, this could be something interesting to do in your leisure time – again, as a hobby.

There are many, many people that enjoy taking surveys and taking trial offers who will enjoy InstaGC.

This is not a home business opportunity or job by any means, but at least you can rack up enough points here and there to go towards your holiday shopping spree through InstaGC’s reward program.

That being said, InstaGC may be a way of making a little more by becoming a referral agent, by which you can refer as many people as you can get to sign up, and earn as your referrals grow. It appears that you get 100 points or $1 for every person that you refer to InstaGC.

Even without referral enlistment, one user claims they made a whopping $2,000 in over a year and a half. I do recommend doing the tasks as a fun hobby that pays out modestly, but at least it pays out more than doing a crossword puzzle on your local paper.

I do recommend “InstaGC” as a legitimate way to make money from home.

Thanks for reading…

– David


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Overall User Rating:

Overall Rating

28 Comments/Reviews

Instagc is perhaps the worst of the pic sites. Surveys are usually just scams to get your personal details. The real surveys have NEVER loaded in my case. Best avoided.

Don’t use Instagc unless you have lots of time to kill. Very few activities can be done quickly and half don’t credit when you do complete them. Don’t use radio Loyalty through their site. It didn’t credit at all.

surveygrabber on :

Instagc is legit. I have earn $5 e-amazon cards and used it buy my favorite stuff and even redeemed a $5 e-WalMart gift cards as well.

Instagc is very real I am in Canada and have made $155 as of 4/28/2014 this year alone so far :D

$155 in nearly 5 months? Really? That’s $31 per month. Hope you didn’t spend more than 2 hours per month on that.

There is nothing wrong with It is an easy way to earn money. earned A LOT on that site. They have upgraded, and you don’t have to put in real info to credit.

HiddenMember on :

Be careful here, whatever you do dont make any typos! They will accuse you of fraud and keep any money earned up until that time

I used InstaGC for a little over a month and a half and earned over $800, but only cashed out about $450 before my account was blocked from further cashouts. I have $405 sitting in my account now. The administrator claims I used fraudulent information on some offers and wants my ID, my 13 year old daughter’s ID and my SSN. I think he’s trying to scam me out of the money I earned and take it for himself. Just a warning. Cash out often if you use this site.

i love instaGC, the tasks are easy and they credit very often. Just won’t use any false information. Just last week my account was flagged and I had to contact support because it would not let me redeem any gift cards. Because of improper offer completion. All i had to do was explain to them that i was in fact just trying to breeze through the offers, BUT i was using my real information. All they told me was that speeding though offers would be the reason that i wasn’t getting credited as often and that Advertisers are able to tell how long i worked on an offer, if it’s faster then normal, no credit is issued. I asked how long i was in trouble for, all they told me was to link my facebook page (i dont know why) and for verification purposes i had to provide the primary residence owner. Once i did that they unblocked me and
i was able to redeem my gift cards again. They take fraud very seriously, so i would take time to complete offers and DO NOT provide fault information.

InstaGC is a completely bull site! I thought I was earning quite a bit of good money. However when I tried to redeem my points and get a check in the mail they accused me of fraudulent activity.

“Our advertisers sent us a fraudback (automated notification) that you were using fake/fraud info on offers. The fraudback notice does not trigger from different email usage, as one person can own dozens of different email accounts. It triggers based on fake/fraud names and address.

Advertisers do not pay when fake/fraud info is used. It also damages our relationship with them for providing bad/poor quality. As such, this situation is taken very seriously.”

They want to keep my hard earned cash for themselves!

I earned a little over 37 dollars in a few days on there, they refused to pay me, no reason just flat out refused!
avoid at all cost.

Quit crying on :

Wow I find these reviews funny. I have been a member of Instagc for about 2 years now and I have never had trouble cashing out I have always always received payment even my hundred dollar checks, hundred dollar gift cards! If the system detects fraud info its because your information is not consistent it has nothing to do with the admin or mod its the info your submitting and they have every right to ask for proof of your identity. If it didn’t work for any of you thats ok more offers for me!

@cllmeal, why did you leave a bad review? You have redeemed everything and are still active?

InstaGC is in no way a scam and is in fact a very well run and productive site to do some online earnings. I have had zero issues there , Yes i have seen people go through the fraudback process and to be honest the ones I have seen were all caught using fake , fraud, invalid or inconsistent information. Maybe other gpt sites do not monitor that but InstaGC does to protect itself and its users. The site Admin will usually give people that are caught a second chance to earn legitimately and enjoy the site like all the others that use it everyday.

the real al! on :

it’s not a bad site, can make a few bucks pretty quick, sometimes offers don’t pay, nature of the beast, some offers are pretty easy, surveys, like any other survey site, sometimes you qualify, sometimes not. payouts are instant, not doubt about that, get amazon gift cards in seconds. they do ask for id verification but they also don’t ask for SSN and advise you to block out DL# and SSN on your DL when you submit it to them.
over all I would give it a 3 1/2 out of 5, I would like to see more offers and less downloads. but can’t beat the super fast payouts.

I have earned just barely over $3,000.00 since I joined instagc from some referrals, and all the offers I have completed.

I’ve never been asked for my I.D or accused of fraud. Not saying others may not have been wrongfully accused or rightfully…. but the truth is these sites pay for your real information and not fake information. They have to protect their business first and foremost. If I ever did need to send in my I.D I would do so as I have nothing to hide. It’s not like I don’t get I.D every time I go to the bar.

Anyway just wanted to add my 2 cent review, as I hope the other comments here don’t discourage others from trying the site out for themselves. I love the site and wouldn’t be able to afford a lot of stuff without it! It’s a true blessing to my family.

InstaGC User on :

Instagc doesnt accuse you of fraud all the time. As long as you use real information and dont make jokes in the chat box about committing fruad (they take that verrry seriously)Then you will be good.

I have had a miserable experience with the site. The ONLY good thing I can say about it is that it is instant-meaning once you redeem your points you get your code for your gift card. But that’s it. The offers don’t credit consistently and there’s very little help/assistance to be gotten from customer support if you have an issue. It’s the only site I’ve been on where you can have absolute verifiable proof that you completed an offer (such as a credit card statement) and they STILL will refuse to credit you the points due.

I don’t think it’s a scam per se as they DO pay out but I don’t refer any of my friends/family to it and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. There are other sites that while it may take longer to get your prizes, are more consistent about rewarding points for completing offers.

Also, I find it somewhat alarming how many members have said they picked up a virus doing one of the download offers. While I realize that InstaGC isn’t themselves providing the downloads (and that everyone online should have a good AV and be extremely cautious about what they download) they ARE the ones with the relationship with the special offer sites that DO provide the downloads and they should be making more of an effort to make sure that users are getting safe downloads.


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