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Harris Poll Online Review

by David Harris

“Harris Poll Online” found at is a free to join paid survey site owned by Harris Interactive. They claim to have over six million members in almost ninety countries. Minimum age to join is thirteen.

Harris Poll Online does not offer cash. They reward you with points for participating in their surveys.
Points can be redeemed for gift cards, and you can opt to enter Harris Poll’s sweepstakes every time you take a survey. Maximum on gift cards is $10. You can also donate your points to the charities Harris Poll Online offers.

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Some surveys deal with interesting topics including religion and politics but most are typical research surveys. Harris Poll Online tries to keep their surveys interesting and relatively short, between five to thirty minutes.

Most of the time, you will only be making $0.15 to $1.50 on average. A large portion of the incentives are just magazine subscriptions and gift cards. You won’t always qualify for every survey.

You can’t set your own password up because they make you use what they issue to you. Occasionally you’ll have issues logging in. Just keep trying and if the problem persists try contacting their customer service.

Survey invites from “Harris Poll Online” are now more infrequent than past years, so it takes a long time to be able to cash out. Also, the gift card redemption can’t go over ten dollars including postage, which they used to cover before too.

Harris Poll Online does not take you to any shopping links anymore either. You have to go to the stores’ online sites to redeem your gifts – and now they require that you have a credit card.

It’s frustrating that Harris Poll doesn’t list the value of a survey at the start, so you never know how much you earn. Be careful giving out your phone number or home address when they ask for it. They say they keep your info private, but be safe.

The Harris Poll Online name is unfortunately being used by scammers for fraudulent purposes. Beware of those who offer scam things like mystery shoppers and “free gift cash”, etc. Make sure you are dealing with the authentic site by Harris Interactive.

Since the earnings are so low and the survey invites so sparse, it would be better for you to spend your time doing something else.

Do not waste your time with Harris Poll Online or any other “get paid to fill out surveys online” sites, except Survey Club.

I do not recommend “Harris Poll” because Survey Junkie is a much better option…

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Thanks for reading…

– David


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I have been doing survey for harris poll for even and even. No problem until the other days, which is months now. Say bday is incorrect. I have email, called them, facebook messager them too. Still trying to cash out over $50.00 dollars in points.

I had been with Harris Poll for a couple years with no issues. I always cashed out for Amazon gift cards as soon as I built up points as we use the funds for ebooks. I decided to let the points build up for a couple months since we had a reserve of gift cards credited on Amazon. I always finish the surveys and they’re accepted. I went to sign in one day and it kept saying log in information wrong ? I contacted customer service and they said I have to change my password. I try that but it says my email is not found in their records. However, I am still receiving surveys with my name on them ? I contact them again and they say they have to reregister me but they are not accepting new applications at this time. I contact them again and say if that’s the way they work things OK, but I have close to $30 in points I earned and I want them. I get a message back that I forfeit my points. Checked this morning and I have 2 surveys from them in my email. clicked one that had my name on it. Completed it successfully. Tried to sign in again and my email is not in their records ? They ripped me off.

Doing survey’s for this company is a waste of time. I joined for Amazon gift cards to get books. You cannot cash in ? The checkout is always temporarily down. I sent them a message after it being down for weeks but no reply. I was saving my points for a telescope lend from Amazon so I have a large number of points. I guess that was time wasted. Live and learn.


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