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Freedom At Home Team

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Freedom At Home Team Review

By David Harris

Freedom at Home Team, by AmeriPlan and found at, provides work at home opportunities to recruit a downline to sell AmeriPlan products through a multi-level marketing program structure.

AmeriPlan is not an insurance company. It offers discount pricing plans for medical services to some healthcare companies that may save some consumers money.

Although “Freedom at Home Team” is the MLM company that provides affiliate salespeople to recruit more affiliates, their unlicensed marketing representatives leave out this very important fact in their marketing from the start of their pitches.

One of several issues the medical industry has with companies like Freedom At Home is that unlicensed marketers don’t abide by laws and tend to mislead people, and that frustrates state regulators.

Ameriplan’s biggest problem is that customers have to pay for treatment at the time of service and then turn in their bill for price discounting later. Compare that to actual health insurance company plans which will usually let patients defer their part of the payment after the deductible for the time it takes the insurance company to process the claim.

Another area where the discount plans are found lacking is in hospitals. They do not provide discounts at hospitals, where most of the billing issues mount up more than physicians’ costs.

Sadly, the Freedom At Home Team marketers don’t tell you that AmeriPlan salespeople mostly focus on tugging at emotional aspects of affordability to mask what consumers are really buying.

The “Freedom At Home Team” is also a difficult business to succeed in. Like most mlm businesses, there are weaknesses and problems typical of multi-level marketing. Always beware of hypes that tell you there’s no cold calling.

There are so many issues with the product the Freedom At Home Team represents that unless you lack a conscience, you might find working for them morally difficult. I will not call Freedom At Home Team an outright scam, as their focus is on recruiting more marketers rather than selling the product. Many people who have complained about them might.

However, even if you can make money in this multi-level marketing venture, which, by the way, “Freedom At Home Team” never quite specifies on their website, I do not believe in the product they represent.

I do not recommend “Freedom at Home Team”.

Thanks for reading…

– David


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Sunshine1801 on :

I have to disagree with everything in this review. A discount is given at the time of the office visit with Ameriplan. For hospital bills there is a patient advocacy program that can and will reduce your hospital bills. Freedom at home is not a business it is only a networking group within Ameriplan. It is like any other networking group where business owners help each other. Go to the Better Business Bureau web site and look up Ameriplan it has an A+ rating and what scam company would get that?

The product may be good, but the income opportunity is not. That’s what we review, the income opportunity side.

Thomas Schumacher on :

siteadmin and david – you need to do better research… You state that the income opportunity is not good. I would like to see your research and what you were told. I just joined AmeriPlan and find their opportunity to get paid daily and then monthly on residuals to be one of the best opportunities to actually start a business that will pay and get you ahead. I was never mislead by my upline and they don’t require me to market to my friends and family, nor do they require me to run my business in any way but the way I see fit. I can sell memberships, IBOs or both – they provide very robust training and support for either way you choose. Feel free to contact me at if you would like to clarify your reasoning for such un-based poor review.

That business is not recommended because of the extremely high failure rate associated with all MLM businesses. I would not start a Subway franchise if I knew up front that it statistically had a 99% failure rate. The problem with MLM is everyone that is joining an MLM business right now does not understand that they are starting a business that historically has a 99% failure rate across all MLM businesses.

So, the quality of the product really doesn’t matter when you are looking at that alone and sure, there are a lot of MLM companies that have really good products and services, but that certainly doesn’t negate the facts I already mentioned.

Therefore I categorically do not recommend any MLM business.

Sure, there is much more to it than that, but isn’t that enough?

– David

Thanks David for the information. I was almost a victim. Hmmmm…MLM businesses should be avoided.


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