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Erics Success Plan

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Erics Success Plan Review

By David Harris

“Erics Success Plan” by Eric Webster, found at, is a work from home internet marketing website that claims they will help you make up to $5,000 online. Furthermore, Webster claims you don’t have to pay anything for it.

Invariably, websites like “Eric’s Success Plan” never really seem to be very clear on what it is you’ll be doing to make this alleged $500 to $5,000, but they sure want you to spend your money to find out.

This is where we come in.

Right off the bat the claim that you don’t have to pay anything is not true because to sign up it costs about $10. Then, you will see he doesn’t really offer anything of value except a redirect to a different site that charges about forty bucks for training DVDs on an Internet Starter Pack.

You will be working a type of affiliate marketing which, unless you’re a super-marketer with thousands of contacts that follow as your downline no matter what it is you’re offering, you won’t be getting anywhere near the money ‘Erics Success Plan’ claims you will make.

You can also find much better information than Eric’s Success Plan for free online than what you get that they are charging you for.

Don’t be fooled by the statement Eric makes that you can trust where he’s sending you to just because he says they are a BBB member. That means nothing, as all you have to do is pay to register your business with them.

Besides, I always find it highly suspect when the TrustGuard logos at the bottom of these types of sketchy sites don’t work or just redirect you to the top of the page, as they do in Eric’s Success Plan. It’s those pesky little things that make this site untrustworthy, along with the disclaimers at the bottom that you should really read.

Most people forget to cancel the 14 day trial offer, and they are then out of pocket not just for the $9.95, but also for the $39.95 on the DVD set that really does not reveal any earth shattering miracle business opportunity that would help you make the money Erics Success Plan claims you can earn with their program.

At the heart of this ‘Erics Success Plan’ scheme is the “content-less SEO” technique that Google frowns upon and invented Panda/Penguin restrictions for things just like this. While you might get stuck with a near worthless set of learning DVDs.

I do not recommend Erics Success Plan.

Thanks for reading…

– David


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I responded to a ad in my email about a work from home offer. It gave me a success story and information about an Internet Business Starter Pack and a mentor who would be contacting me. I paid $9 and some change for this video. It came in two days and the mentor has called me and emailed me several times. I wanted to watch this DVD first to see what info they would give me for $ I spent. All it told me was they have a great system and then they mentioned PRODUCTS… yes health and wellness products but not what company. I needed to speak with my mentor to find that out! Seriously!! A total cat and mouse game. Just say it is with a health and wellness company! I am pissed to say the least! I am unaware that I would be charged extra for this DVD.

HopeThisHelps on :

Thank you so much for this honest review about Eric’s Success Plan. Once again you saved someone lots of time, money an heartache. After reading it, I did some further checking to trigger their sales window: First sales pitch, a woman named “Heather” was selling this crap, with photos of her checks. Then I clicked on a different link to that program and a different woman was featured, but the identical check photos were used – same checks proclaiming to be income from two different women. What a scam.

Help I just signed up for this and spent the $10 how do I stop it now from being charged any more money

Get with your credit card company. Tell them what happened and they will tell you what to do next. – David

Thanks for this. I’m usually very skeptical about these things, but the wording in the “success story” of “Heather” made me consider the validity of this “ericssuccessplan”… Love how they use psychology on us, by the way.

I’m so glad to have read your article, and there are even more of these exposing “Eric’s” scam. Yours was very informative. Thanks for posting this.

I looked up Eric’s business on BBB and he is listed with an also states that he has been in business since 6\2013 but his videos on his website shows a date of 2012 on his “proof” he is making money. He is making money off the people who sends in the $10 and $40 and it charges their cards repeatedly.

Jack Oslen on :

People still fall for this? You cannot ever ever ever make money easily. It takes hard hard hard work. That does not mean that you cannot enjoy working hard, and you can have fun working hard, but that is different than easy.

Jacquelyn Thompson on :

Thanks a bunch for sharing! I am still praying for a legit home based Internet business. One day I truly believe it will happen. Still keeping the faith!

Eric’s website looks just like one that was sent to me a few minutes ago under DansSuccessPlan .Exactly the same pictures and spill.


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