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Digicam Cash

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Digicam Cash Review

by David Harris

“Digicam Cash” by Jarrod Hardcastle, found at, is an internet business startup course on how to sell the photographs you take from your digital camera online.

Selling photographs is not as easy as Digicam Cash may lead you to believe.

Several photographers I know have informed me of just how difficult it can be even for seasoned pros.

While it’s fairly simple and easy to post pictures on the web, getting paid for them is another matter.

Much of the time, people just copy them and don’t pay you, much less tell you they steal them.

Digicam Cash claims they have a sure fire formula for helping you make a profit from your photography.

Yet, after taking a look at it, the information they provide can be found elsewhere for far less than the $99 dollars they charge to join.

There are more people on the internet selling this product than are actually selling their photos, so the affiliate marketing part of Digicam Cash may be a way of making some money with this system.

Just lightly searching, I found many resources on how to build your own online photography business.

There are also sites that will pay you for pics that you stock on their sites when they sell.

Publications are always on the lookout for interesting and usable material.

Many of them indicate that your best bet is photographing events and selling them directly to interested parties such as wedding, sports and entertainment magazines, newspapers, etc.

About the only way I would recommend Digicam Cash is if you make it part of your niche marketing products for sale on your affiliate sites.

The information on the site could interest others who might not want to do the research themselves, so it could be an interesting niche product to sell on your PPC banners, etc.

Even though you can get the information cheaper elsewhere, or even free at the library, Digicam Cash may save you time doing all that research.

I recommend Digicam Cash as a Clickbank niche product to market if you already have a way of driving mass traffic to your landing page.

Thanks for reading…

– David


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