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Work At Home Institute

Work At Home Institute Scam Reviews By David Harris Work At Home Institute, by Bobbie Robinson (they also use the name Robert Robinson) and found at wahinstitute.net, is a recent addition as one of many of the online ‘training course’ for “work from home” scams you see everywhere online. We review and expose them as soon as we find them, and this scam is no different. Work At Home Institute changes the name of the fake mom Bobbie Robinson although …

Bobbie Robinson

Bobbie Robinson Scam Review By David Harris Bobbie Robinson is a conjured up name used on link posting scam websites. “Her” name is used often enough to seem as if it’s a real person, but I’ve searched for a real person by that name. Not one with this “America’s number one home business consultant” moniker. These sites use a fake work from home mother, usually single, in order to play on emotions of those who might feel a connection to …

Smart Finance Daily

Smarter Finance Daily Scam Review by David Harris “Smarter Finance Daily” – or SF Daily, by Kim Swartz and found at http://smarter-finance-daily.net/1nvs/index.php and sf-daily.com/work1vs/index.php, is an ad posing as a fabricated newsletter that redirects you to a scam we’ve previously exposed: Work At Home Institute (NOT an institute!): https://wahinstitute.net/1nvs/index.php?t202kw=&s1=&sid=&p=&hid=&s2=wF16T6E55QPFMJSV0DJ3NNE8&ap=main and https://wahinstitute.net/3/index.php?t202kw=&s1=&sid=&p=&hid=&s2=wOBP97I1C893TJSV02GAAK6C&ap=main The fake news page stars a fictional working mother they call Kim Swartz, which has been manufactured to play on peoples’ emotions for a call to action. They change …
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