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WFH Report

WFH Report – Scam Review by David Harris WFH Report, by Wendy Price and found at wfhreport.com/workathome/home-income, is a clone of the “work from home” scams that use the single mom that makes an incredulous $400 per hour working a few minutes a day at home on her computer. This one goes right to extravagant claims and falsehoods. WFH Report makes it appear like an informational account complete with a fabricated news clip. If you aren’t already aware of these …

Work At Home Special Report

Work At Home Special Report | Scam Review by David Harris “Work At Home Special Report”, by Emily White, Kim Swartz, sometimes Melissa Johnson, and/or Mary Stevens, and found at theweeklyviral.com/res2/mnl.htm, weekly-jobs-report.com/landers/trv-ma/g/wfh/us/at53527/wjr/special-report.php, bettercareerpoint.com/lp/dsk/c/mnl.php, inwize.com/int/usa/nt.htm, upinfinance.com/int/usa/mel.htm, afternoonincome.com/lp/dsk/c/mnl.php, http://lifestyletribune.com, nycscope.com/res2/, theweeklyviral.com/d/tna.php, http://www.winnercareer.com/lp/c/bcam.php, nycscope.com/res2/bcad.htm and the latest, theweeklyviral.com/res2/mnl.htm, which now goes to Extreme Job Position, all with with a “byline” by fake reporter Amanda Winston, is a link posting scam with a sleazy news like angle. The scammers change the URL links constantly …
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