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Web Fortune Master

Web Fortune Master Scam Review By David Harris Web Fortune Master, by Sally Brown and found at webfortunemaster.com/wah97 is a scam link posting website, a deception to defraud you of your money by posing as a business opportunity. Nothing you will see on this site is true in any way, shape or form. Here we explain in detail the terrible scam that is “Web Fortune Master” and its bag of dirty tricks. We start with the fake mom with the …

Top 3 Work At Home

Top 3 Work At Home Scam Review By David Harris “Top 3 Work At Home”, by “Sarah Johnson” and found at top3workathome.net, is actually a fake review site for 3 of the worst link posting scams run by Phillip Gannuscia and other scammers. The list changes from time to time but the scams don’t. Everything they list will be a link posting or drop ship scam of one sort or another truly reprehensible con. They post these types of websites …
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