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Mobile Money Code

Mobile Money Code Scam Review by David Harris “Mobile Money Code” by Greg Anderson, found at mobilemoneycode.com, is a slick scam site looking to get you hyped up on getting involved with the new mobile technology craze by selling you stuff you can get from your own domain and host provider for much cheaper. Right away you know they’re looking for suckers who would buy it on the first opt-in. However, just in case that doesn’t happen, they give you …

Viral Postcard System

Viral Postcard System by David Harris “Viral Postcard System”, by Kit Elliott and found at viralpostcardsystem.com, is a multi-level marketing business – and our regular readers already know our opinion here about MLMs. Those of you just getting here should know we frown on that model of marketing, but it’s not just our opinion, we base it on facts. Facts indicate that MLM has a 99% failure rate, and Viral Postcard is no different. Well, a little different, but still …

My Cash Bot

My Cash Bot Scam Review by David Harris “My Cash Bot”, by Albert Glenn and found at mycashbot.com, is a binary options trading bot program designed to make you money in the trading world. Unfortunately there are many things wrong with it that I will explain in this article. The leading story is that My Cash Bot is under investigation by international authorities. I will understand if you stop reading right here, but wait! There’s more. Unusual amounts of complaints …
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