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Home Cash System

Home Cash System – Scam Review Home Cash System, by “Jennifer Becker” and found at myhomecashsystem.org, is another fake work from home scam rearing its ugly head. Although they have changed the design of this one a little bit, all the contents of the usual suspects are all here. At the very top you see the News channel logos that neither ever endorsed these cretins nor will you see any ads about them there. Then you see the ‘one position …

The $6000 a Month Club

The $6000 a Month Club – Scam Review The $6000 a Month Club, by “Jennifer Becker” and found at 6000amonth.com, is a new clone scam site based on the fake work from home mom routine. They have not altered their usual design one bit, and I’ll describe what to watch for. On top of the first page you may notice logo brands of news companies. These news channels have never been part of nor endorsed, and certainly not advertised any …
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