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"Data Entry Bucks"


Data Entry Bucks

Data Entry Bucks Scam Review By David Harris “Data Entry Bucks”, found at dataentrybucks.com, is one of those ‘work from home opportunity’ companies that never quite seem to be what they advertise themselves to be. In this case an agency for data entry jobs. It’s not. First, they tell you that you can make up to 500 dollars a day with no skills or experience and only basic computer knowledge. So, no experience is needed to master a complicated business …

Home Job Group

Home Job Group Business Review by David Harris “Home Job Group”, by Anne Wilson and found at homejobgroup.com, is a database website containing jobs you can do at home. Home Job Group is a company that acts as a middleman between companies in need of telecommuters and workers and people seeking work. Home Job Group also happens to be a Clickbank product, and that ensures a guarantee to get your money back. I always warn to be careful about websites …

Web Colleagues

Web Colleagues Scam Review by David Harris “Web Colleagues”, by Gary Endres and found at webcolleagues.com, is a website that at first says it’s about data entry but when you look deeper you will find out it’s about something completely different. The Web Colleagues bait and switch con involves luring you in with the promise of what may seem like a real and legitimate employment opportunity to the unschooled eye. They use clever tricks like calling it Work at Home …
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