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ClickSure Scam Review by David Harris ClickSure by ClickSure Payments Ltd, found at clicksure.com, is a payment processor for the worst internet marketing programs that even Clickbank won’t touch with a hundred foot pole. ClickSure, through guilt by association is therefore a scam of epic proportions. Hundreds and hundreds, if not thousands, of angry victim complaints can’t be wrong. ClickSure runs their operation out of China and Mauritius, far and safe from U/S/ prosecution, as many internet marketing scams are …


WAHC by David Harris “WAHC”, by Emily Young and found at home-business-lifestyle.com/wahc, is a link posting scam that has several other scams working in cahoots. Starting with this fake self proclaimed “advertorial”, WAHC considers this like an ad/editorial, hence their moniker for this scam ad. Then, there is the redirect to “Earn At Home Club”, the real scam WAHC points you to, which previously sent you to Direct Online Income, Online Income and Work At Home Digital. Those scams, among …
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